About me

I'm a computer engineering graduate at the University of Zaragoza and cofounder of the indie game development studio BolHut.. I'm currently working at Mercury TFS as a software developer.

In this webpage you will find all the projects I have worked on and links to my social networks' profiles.

Recent work

Movie Editing and Cognitive Event Segmentation in Virtual Reality Video

This research project aims to study the user behaviour in virtual reality within the cinematography context. Does the preception of continuity hold in this new medium? What influences users' visual behaviour in virtual reality?
This research project carries out a series of empirical tests to check wether traditional cinematographic techniques still apply to virtual reality.
This research project was accepted at ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 conference (ACM Transactions on Graphics (Q1, 1/106)
Link to the paper

Worked as coauthor
May 2017


FelinoTweets is a web platform developed to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily. You can link your Twitter accounts and perform many operations with them, such as send tweet, reply tweets, schedule tweets, show realtime statistics about your tweets, etc. It uses NodeJS, AngularJS and a MongoDB database with Mongoose.

Worked as a main developer
May 2016

You Died: But A Necromancer Revived You

You died, and you just wanted to rest in peace... however, a nasty necromancer brought you back to life only to watch you suffer and have fun from it. Finish him to rest in peace!... or die a lot trying to do it.

Worked as composer
March 2016

Red Handsome Hood

Jump, crouch and punch your enemies in this awesome runner featuring Red Handsome Hood! Having only his hood, his thong and his knuckles, there's nothing that can stop this strong man!

Worked as the Android edition developer and composer
December 2015

PuPaiPo Space

An arcade style PC game where you will have to avoid, shoot and destroy the enemy spaceships to get a piece of the legendary pizza from Pizman's pizzeria!

Worked as secondary developer and composer
September 2015